The Story behind B Bling

I first developed my love for gemstones when I ecstatically received my first diamond from my husband 30 years ago. The mystery and elegance of gemstones have intrigued me since.

More than 4000 minerals have been identified to date. The dazzling trove of these treasures never stops to amaze me. Besides their great beauty and material worth, gems have been associated with healing and meditation for thousands of years.

A prime requisite for a gemstone is that it must be beautiful. A gemstone owes its beauty to various properties: like the depth of its color, transparency, color pattern, and the intensity of its brilliance. Further, it must withstand timeless wear and preserve its finishing touches.

Indeed, the ultimate gift is a flawless sparkling gem.

B Bling was incorporated in Oct 2022. We collaborate with like-minded designers and high-quality factories to handmade each piece.  B Bling only uses natural gemstones. We have specially handpicked our gemstones and work with fine craftsmen to keep our jewelry affordable yet alluring.

Customized jewelry on the other hand, is less prevalent at present. With the intention to revive the tradition of customization, we are truly humbled and honored to work with IMPRINT.

IMPRINT isn’t mere fashion jewelry but rather represents itself as “secret message gifts ”. Its design concept allows customers to personalize their messages and select the desired material that ensures the final jewelry piece is truly bespoke.

For example, THE RING is designed to individually fit and can be worn on every occasion. It is designed with multi-functional purposes and can be passed on to loved ones to preserve eternal memories.

Our jewelry says a lot about our personal style. B Bling aims to not only be a piece of jewelry but to also foster everlasting friendship, happiness, peace, and good health.

The best gift comes from the heart - and we will help you express that.

Thank you.

Bee Bee Ng ( B Bling )

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  • Captivating and irresistible, diamonds possess an unparalleled beauty. A symbol of love and artistic brilliance, diamonds are rare treasures that leave us in awe. Experience their captivating allure and be enchanted by their timeless magic.

  • Indulge in luxury with our 3-carat diamond ring featuring zircon and tsavorite gemstones. This captivating piece combines timeless elegance with vibrant allure, making it a stunning statement of style and sophistication.

  • Discover the beauty of inclusive and affordable diamond jewelry that celebrates diversity and embraces every unique individual. Experience the joy of owning a piece that reflects your personal taste and values, without breaking the bank.

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